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Below, you’ll see all of the songwriting resources available to you and the steps to follow to get the greatest benefit.

  1. TAKE IT
  2. READ IT
  4. DO IT

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NOTE: Mentorship small groups only open up a few times each year.  And, I highly recommend you take the first 3 steps before you sign-up for the mentorship.

Keep Writing,

It’s more than lyrics and music. In my years of co-writing, I actually see 7 different types. Take my Songwriter Personality Test now!

Order my new book WRITING WORSHIP: How to Craft Heartfelt Songs for the Church and dive deeper into your songwriting.

The Writing Worship Course – a live interactive experience. My best teaching on worship songwriting.

Practice what you’ve learned in the book or the course. Join an upcoming Worship Songwriter Mentorship Group.